Thursday, November 19, 2009

There's a good news for fans of Namrata Shrestha again. She is Coming up with a movie again. Here's what Latshering Glan writes for cybersansar.
Model actress Namrata Shrestha is working on a movie project on the life story of Ekta Mahat, a former drug addict. Ekta Mahat had become a drug addict at a tender age of 14; she was reformed after many years of addiction. Ekta is now actively involved with organizations working for drug and HIV/AIDS awareness.
The movie project has been initiated by a NGO Trend Nepal; it is being planned to be made as a feature length commercial movie. Prachanda Shrestha is currently working on its script; the highs and lows of Ekta Mahat’s life makes a very compelling movie story. It won’t be made as a serious biographical movie, but will have a stylish edgy presentation with many twists and turns.
Namarta has been meeting Ekta to understand minutely about her and what she went through during her addiction days. Namarata describes this as a very challenging role for her compared to other movies she has done in the past. Namarta also plans to spend time in drug rehabilitation center to identify with the psychology and behavior of drug addicts.


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