Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Maoists, NC Continue Blame Game

THT Online
Kathmandu, June 18

The CPN-Maoist and the Nepali Congress leaders have been blaming each other for the political deadlock and the dealy in formation of a new government, while other parties are insisting on consensus.
Maoist leader Post Bahadur Bogati on Tuesday said the NC was putting forward unnecessary conditions to bar the Maoists from leading the new government. "This is against the people's mandate expressed through the Constituent Assembly (CA) election," he said.
"We have shown utmost flexibility but the NC is reluctant to give an outlet to the problems facing the country," he said.
"As the NC is creating obstacles to prevent the Maoists from leading the new government by coming up with unnecessary demands, a consensus seems impossible in near future," Bogati said while speaking at an interaction.
NC leader Dr Minendra Rijal said the NC wanted the issue of army integration solved before the former rebels led the government.
"Maoists are misinterpreting people's mandate and showing a totalitarian character by laying claim on all crucial posts," Rijal said, adding that the Maoists, instead of taking other parties into confidence and spearheading consensus-building process, were threatening other parties.
UML leader Agni Kharel said the political parties would reach consensus sooner or later.
Leader of the People's Front Nepal Lilamani Pokharel and leader of Nepal Sadhbhavana Party-Anandevi Shyam Sundar Gupta criticised the major parties for taking the country hostage to fulfil their demands. "They are fighting for posts instead of writing a new constitution, for which people have mandated them," they said.
Gupta said that his party supported Ramraja Prasad Singh as the President because Maoists proposed him for the post. "He did not contribute to champion the rights of Madhesis but we support him because he is a Madhesi," Gupta said.


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